“Keeping clients happy by keeping their pets healthy!” 

The veterinarians and staff at the AAECP want to ensure your pet(s) receive up-to-date, sensible, and high quality care.  We strive to educate about flea control, infectious disease prevention (heartworm disease, distemper virus, parvo virus, etc.), and how to maintain the health of your pet(s) properly.  Have you met all of our veterinarians and staff members?

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Craig Mohaghegh

Dr. Vicky Chan

Dr. Hsiang-ling Chang

Dr. Roy Hwang

Dr. Elizabeth Mock

Dr. Rebecca Wong

Our Supportive Staff

Jenny – Practice Manager

Connie – Office Manager

Kristie – Tech Supervisor, RVT

Diana – Tech & Safety Officer

Matthew – Inventory Manager

Kathy – HR Director

Angela – Bookkeeper

Laura – IT/Webmaster/Social Media

Tanya – RVT

Maria – RVT

Amber – Veterinary Technician

Frida – Veterinary Technician

Jan Michael – Veterinary Technician

Jennifer – Veterinary Technician

Jose – Veterinary Technician

Kadi – Veterinary Technician

Kelly – Veterinary Technician

Nadia – Veterinary Technician

Sam – Veterinary Technician

Juana – Receptionist

Errick – Kennel Assistant

Wilma – Kennel Assistant

Last Revised:  August 2, 2017