seniorwellWhat Pets Should Take Part In Senior Testing?

We recommend testing for all senior pets, as well as any pet who is exhibiting one or more of the following symptoms: weight loss or gain, increased thirst or urination, lethargy, vomiting/diarrhea, poor hair coat, coughing, seizures, unusual behavior, or overall decline in condition.

How much will it cost?  Are there any other additional fees?  

The Senior Wellness Test after the discount will cost *$166.00-$206.00, which is a savings of nearly $62.00 off of its original price (*does not include hazardous waste fee).  If we have examined your pet(s) within the last year (12 months), then there is not an examination fee charged.  

If you are a first-time client or we have not examined your pet(s) within the year, then we can conduct an examination at the same time for $45.00 extra, which would bring the total price to $172.23.  

How Old Is My Pet In Human Years?


I’d like my pet to be screened for Senior Wellness. What do I do?

Call us to arrange an appointment for your pet to receive his or her testing. Please withhold food from your pet starting at 10 p.m. the night before so we can get an accurate blood sample. Make water available for your pet as usual.

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