boardingtopGeneral Boarding Requirements

1)  All pets must have had a physical examination at our hospital within the last twelve (12) months.  Even if your pet has been examined at a different hospital and/or is boarding with us for the first time, an examination is required in-order for boarding to take place.  The fee is $45.00.  

2)  All dogs must have a current DHA2P-Cpv and Rabies vaccination.  Bordetella needs to be current within six (6) months or less at the time of boarding.  

3)  All cats need to have a current FVRCP and Rabies vaccination.  Please keep in mind that all cats board in the same area as dogs.  

4)  Please call ahead or email us if you need to board your pet(s).  We recommend reserving a space at least two weeks in advance during the holidays.

5)  Please read our boarding policy (e.g. feeding instructions, toys, bedding etc…) by clicking on our Boarding Form.  To save time and expedite services, you can print, fill out the form, and bring it with you at check-in time.  

6)  For safety reasons, we will not board dogs that show aggression to either people and/or other animals.  Boarding is also not allowed for feral, “semi-feral,” or aggressive cats.  

7)  Bring enough of your dog or cat’s food to last an extra day in case you are delayed picking up your animal. We prefer to feed your animal their regular food from home to avoid any stomach upset.

8.)  We only board dogs that are medium-sized or smaller (40 lbs [18kg]).  We are unable to accommodate large dogs.  

9.)  We discourage leaving any personal items with pets. Items may become lost, damaged, and/or soiled. I understand that I will not hold AAECP and its staff liable; in the event any of the items are not returned completely and/or in its original condition upon check-in.

10.)  If boarding for 2 weeks or longer, then a 75% deposit is required upon check-in.


About Our Boarding Services

  1. All cats are kept within their hospital cage.  We do not allow cage-free time for cats.  
  2. We will feed your pets according to the feeding instructions you have provided.   
  3. Any medications, supplements, or other special needs that are necessary during your pet’s stay need to be clearly stated on the boarding form and to our staff ahead of time. Additional fees may apply for special services (fees are listed above).
  4. Routine services may be completed during your pet’s stay upon request (ie. nail trim, anal gland expression, vaccinations, wellness exam, heartworm test, etc.)
  5. We have a “zero flea tolerance” policy, which means that if live fleas are found on your pet, flea control will be given and you will be charged for the dose of flea control.