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Spay & Neuter Services

Our hospital offers spaying and neutering on Mondays and Tuesdays for both dogs and cats. On Wednesdays, we offer a special discount price of $50 for neutering for male cats only. All surgeries require an appointment scheduled ahead of time along with a few requirements, too.

What are the Requirements for Spay and Neutering?

  • A current examination with one of our veterinarians is required prior to scheduling surgery.
  • All dogs are required to be up-to-date on their DA2PP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations.
  • Dogs need to be at least 10 months or older for spay/neuter surgery.
  • Cats need to weigh at least 2 lbs (.9kg) and be up-to-date on their FVRCP, and Rabies vaccinations.
  • All patients need to be at our hospital at 7 a.m. the day of the surgery.

What does the Spay and Neutering Include?

  • Our spaying and neutering includes the anesthesia, surgery, pain and antibiotic injection, e-collar, and oral pain medication to take home.
  • Extra fee(s) apply for dogs and cats that are in-heat; pregnant; pseudopregnancy; and/or overweight.
  • Males that have one testicle or both testicles undescended are subject to an additional surgical fee.
  • Extra fee applies for brachiocephalic breeds (e.g. Boxer, French Bulldog, Shih-Tzu, Pug etc…)
  • For dogs and cats that are 7 years or older, pre-anesthetic blood work and an IV catheter are required at an additional cost.

For the $50 Male Cat Neuter Clinic on Wednesdays, the price includes the anesthesia, surgery, and an antibiotic injection only. Pain medication, e-collar, and antibiotics to take home are available for an extra fee. Please refer to the pre-surgical requirements listed up above, and understand the price reflects a normal, healthy male cat.